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Pre Order Apple TV on Monday

Apple has once again upped the ante with their latest version of Apple TV. To say that I love my current version of Apple TV would be an understatement. It’s TV a la carte at it’s finest, and with more networks joining the party (most recently CBS) I am likely to forgo traditional cable altogether.

For those you who aren’t familiar, Apple TV is a device, not a service, which allows you to watch TV through various apps (HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix, etc.). You connect Apple TV to your TV through an HDMI, switch inputs to Apple TV and just like that you are accessing Web video and apps on your big screen TV.

According to Apple, “With the new Apple TV and its powerful new tvOS, developers are creating experiences that will change what you expect from your big screen, making your TV feel as personal as your iPhone or iPad.”

So What’s New

Well for starters, we now have options. Apple’s latest version comes in two sizes, and the previous version is still available. So for the first time, Apple TV has a bit of variety for consumers to choose from. Also new are the games! That’s right, there are now some pretty impressive games, all compatible with the included remote (or you can opt to use a third-party controller).

Apple TV’s new remote has been the center of great attention lately. Enhanced to include a touchpad and a dedicated Siri button the remote is far more functional than its predecessor. When you tap it, you can ask Siri to whisk you away to any app. Siri will also direct you to various shows using Rotten Tomatoes to determine what you might like.

Last, but not least, this latest version of Apple TV includes a universal search. Apple users no longer have to independently search their various apps to find a show. Simply ask Siri, or type it in the search engine, and the new Apple TV will tell you all of your options.

I for one am super excited to preorder on Monday. The only thing left is to determine if I want the 32GB version ($150), or the larger 64GB version ($200). If my iPhone has taught be any lessons it's to always upgrade for the larger option. So there you have it: Apple TV at it’s finest! Be sure to let us know when you try it out.

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Monday, 20 May 2019
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