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Online Support

Our support contract entitles the customer to full use of our professional help desk and subsequent online support. Whether it is for maintenance or simply for advice, our fully qualified engineers are available 24×7. Our secure, remote support software uses industry standard encryption, allowing our support team to assist any computer or laptop, regardless of time or location. Customers have overriding control during these sessions and they can be terminated at any point. When the support request has been fulfilled the remote control, software will completely disconnect, and the support team can no longer access your system without a confirmation prompt.

Most support calls can be resolved quickly and efficiently by remote control, minimising impact to business process and downtime.

Common support requests include:

• User administration – adding and removing user accounts
• Email setup and access issues
• Using cloud-based services and providing access or guidance
• Adding printers and clearing print queues
• Shared data access, and login scripts etc.
• System or application errors
• Internet access
• General advice with various software packages
• Spyware, virus and spam related concerns
• Hardware support
• System performance and storage issues
• Wireless access and mobile device support
• Backup and restore requests
• Firewall configuration and modifications

On-Premise Support

For DHTS Support Professional customers, onsite support is included within the monthly fee. Onsite support is normally needed to resolve issues that cannot be resolved via telephone or online support. Onsite support does not incur any cost to the customer when visits are within a 100-mile radius from any of our office locations and within the UK mainland. For visits required outside this area we will work with the customer to agree suitable and cost-effective travel expenses.

Preventative Maintenance

To minimise any system downtime, we will perform regular preventative maintenance checks of all IT systems. This serves to prevent problems before they occur but also corrects issues in a more efficient manner during a system failure.

Using certified system management software, our remote maintenance checks include security patches, firmware and driver updates, disk usage, monitoring of event logs, clean-up of temporary and cache files, physical server health (i.e. internal component and hard disk errors), backups, and anti-virus checks.

Server and Device Monitoring (RMM)

We have invested heavily into a market leading monitoring system. With all support contracts, a specialised monitoring agent is installed on all computers, routers and firewalls (and any other equipment as required). This provides real-time/live status reports of critical equipment (for example; disk space, memory and processor usage, Windows services status, database stats, e-mail queues, Internet connection status and statistics). Specific thresholds are set-up on all the key areas of every server. If a threshold is reached, an alert is received via email and SMS (24/7, 365 days a year). This allows for any issues to be dealt with before they affect or fail any systems. These alerts can be received by the customer, if desired, along with login to the portal to view the graphs and reports of all services monitored.

Asset Management

As soon as the support contract begins, we’ll schedule an engineer to visit the site(s) to carry out a full system audit. Full system audits include an overview of the hardware and software installed, along with the network configurations. The data collected from the audits are entered into the service desk system so that in the event of a support call all pertinent information required to solve the issues are readily available.

We will also provide recommendations for upgrades and modifications, if and only when they are required. All audits are inclusive within the support contract (i.e. charges will not be incurred for audits).

We will provide copies of the asset register along with detailed topology diagrams of the network, which can be used for asset management, insurance, quality assurance, licensing, and record-keeping purposes, etc.

Security & Data Privacy

Cybercrime has evolved and IT systems of all shapes and sizes have become viable for exploitation. The type of attacks seen now tends to focus on extortion instead of just chaos, with personal and company data being targeted. We’ve chosen to partner with reputable companies that enable us to provide a complete and broad offering of protection for every device. As a certified Microsoft solutions provider, we have systems in place to notify us of new patches immediately upon release, coupled with the ability to monitor and enforce their installation in a controlled manner.

We will carry out a thorough security check of all IT systems and make prioritized recommendations to make all IT systems as secure as possible.

Hardware and Software

We build our IT support around the customer’s servers and computers. However, we will support all IT hardware within the support contract, to include; computers, printers, routers, switches, mobiles devices, and telephone systems, etc. If an incident is hardware related (i.e. an actual hardware fault), we will liaise with the manufacturer to resolve the problem under the hardware warranty. In the event that the equipment is beyond the warranty guidelines, we will provide a quote to replace the part or the complete unit. Customer approval must always be confirmed before any work is carried out. Loan equipment will be provided, if required, to get systems up and running again as quickly as possible.

Support for all software is included within the support contract. When applicable, we will liaise with the third party to resolve any problems. Upgrades, updates and patches can also be applied remotely or onsite on behalf of the third party.

IT Procurement

We will be happy to provide a competitive price quote for the purchase of all IT equipment, software, and consumables. We partner with many leading industries manufactures and maintain accounts with large IT suppliers and distributers, granting us access to significant discounts off recommended retail pricing which we are more than happy to pass along to our customers.


We will provide incident reports when required and monthly executive summaries and performance reports that will provide an easy to read but detailed insight into your supported devices, for example patch management, anti-virus protection. Customised reporting is also available should you require additional data analysis of specific areas of your IT.

IT Manager

Within the monthly Support contract, we will allocate a dedicated Account IT Manager who will provide the following services:

• Arranging and chairing regular IT meetings as required by the customer
• IT budget management, forecasting, and control
• Strategic IT planning
• Management of suppliers and warranties
• Major upgrades and new system role out planning

Assistance and Advice

Providing support when things don’t go according to plan and maintaining your IT systems is our top priority. As part of the support package we are happy to aid and provide advice relating to your IT systems and general IT concerns. Whether you need help with setting up and sitting in on webinars, assistance with setting up document templates, or advice on what smartphone to buy and everything in between, our engineers can help.

Secure Cloud Backup (Add-On)

For an additional low monthly fee, we can provide full online/offsite cloud backup of all Server data. Using specialist backup software and secure Microsoft Azure storage services. We will install and manage the software, create and set the backup jobs, and restore files when required.

DHTS Backup features and benefits include:
• A worry-free process of automatic daily backups, mirroring secure offsite data centres
• Eliminates the requirement for expensive hardware, protecting your bottom-line
• Does not require user intervention (for example changing tapes)
• Data restored with just a few clicks of a mouse
• AES 256-bit encryption
• Backup Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Active Directory and Open Files
• Backup cloud services (Microsoft Office 365)
• Restoration of files online, including monitor backups
• Recovery of file versions up to 60 days in the past

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription (Add-On)

Office 365 is a subscription-based package that allows you to access several Microsoft services and software packages, including the latest desktop Office suite, cloud storage, and premium mobile apps. Office 365 follows a business model known as Software as a Service (SaaS), which has commonly been used for deploying enterprise software. It combines the best collaboration and cloud technologies on the market: simple pricing options, streamlined updating functions, and effective business conscious solutions.

We have been using Office 365 since its inception and have completed over several hundred user migrations to Office 365. We have experts to effortlessly facilitate migrations from all types of environments, ranging from on premise Exchange, hosted Exchange, and Google Docs applications, to GroupWise and even POP/IMAP configurations. Our senior design and development team will increase efficiencies combining knowledge management and professional collaboration with SharePoint and Skype for Business. We will ensure that your transition is seamless.

Office 365 is available in various forms (plans) and at many different pricing levels, we will propose the most cost-effective and relevant package for its customers and will continually monitor the options available during the support contract and recommend changes if required. As a bonus for purchasing Office 365 licenses through us, we provide a discount on Microsoft’s RRP month-to-month pricing where available.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (Add-On)

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for company device management and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges. In addition, the Enterprise Mobility Suite discount makes it the most cost-effective way to acquire the included cloud services:

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium – is the fuller-more featured version of the Azure Active Directory service that is built to provide identity and access management in the cloud. Azure AD can be integrated with your on-premises Active Directory, with automatic sync of user attributes to the cloud directory. You have centralised management of Azure, Office 365, Dynamic CRM Online, Intune and many non-Microsoft cloud-based apps, as well.

Microsoft Intune – is as a cloud-based device management service, that is used to manage PCs and mobile devices and to manage mobile applications. You can control access to Exchange and Office 365 and you can deploy certificates, email profiles, VPN profiles and Wi-Fi profiles to mobile devices. In keeping with Microsoft’s new philosophy of embracing competing platforms instead of excluding them, the MDM capabilities of Intune support not only Windows and Windows Phone but also Android and iOS devices. You can implement resource access policies, remote wipe of stolen/lost devices, device lock and encryption of the data on the devices.

Azure Rights Management extends Active Directory Rights Management Services (RMS) –formerly Windows RMS – to the cloud. Azure RMS enables you to control what users do with Office 365 files and messages that they are authorised to view or access, thus making it more difficult for them to inadvertently or deliberately share that data with other, unauthorised persons. With RMS, you can place restrictions on the ability to copy, forward, change or print RMS-protected files, even when they’re accessed on a non-Microsoft-based device such as an iPhone or Android tablet. Azure RMS can connect to your on-premises Exchange and SharePoint servers, and when a file is saved to a location, “protect in place” ensures that the RMS protections remain with the file, even when copied to a cloud storage location that your IT department doesn’t control.

CensorNet Web Security (Add-On)

Traditional Web Security services often have limitations such as only being able to protect devices connected to a company network. They can also have knock on performance impacts and make the internet feel slow and unreliable. For these reasons, in 2018 we partnered with CensorNet and can now offer their full Unified Security Service platform to our customers. CensorNet’s cloud first Web Security solution protects your organisation from malware, offensive and inappropriate content.

CensorNet’s unique approach uses the power and scalability of the cloud to protect web browsing efficiently instead of forcing all the network traffic through the scanner. It comes with a list of over 500 different categories and provides the flexibility needed to secure web usage throughout the organisation whether the computer is at home or in the office. Uncategorised sites can be blocked and are automatically submitted for classification, users can even submit request for content blocks to be removed straight from the browser. The product can also be configured to monitor or limit the amount of time spent browsing unproductive websites.

A built-in reporting utility allows management teams to manually drill into the data or receive scheduled reports customised to requirements. The system comes with a web portal where you can monitor the whole system yourselves but we’re happy to fully manage the configuration as part of the support contract.

Sophos Phish Threat (Add-On)

Phishing is big business. Attacks have shown record growth in recent years, and a solid security awareness program is an integral part of any defence-in-depth strategy. Sophos Phish Threat educates and tests your end users through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.

Phish Threat provides you with the flexibility and customisation that any organisation needs to facilitate a positive security awareness culture.

SophosLab’s analysts monitor millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points each day for the latest threats, giving us the ability to simulate hundreds of realistic and challenging phishing attacks in a just few clicks. This constant stream of intelligence ensures user training covers current phishing tactics, with socially relevant attack simulation templates, covering multiple scenarios from beginner to expert, and all translated into nine languages.

Take advantage of Sophos’ collection of more than 30 security awareness training modules, covering both security and compliance topics. Sophos Phish Threat integrates testing and training into simple, easy-to-use campaigns that provide automated on-the-spot training to employees as necessary. Your end users will find the training interactive and engaging, while you’ll enjoy the benefits of Sophos Central – the only unified security console, providing a single pane of glass to manage phishing simulations and user training, alongside security for email, endpoint, mobile and much more.

Other Services

We can supply additional bespoke services outside our standard IT support contracts, to include:

• Web and digital design
• Web hosting
• Cloud solutions including server and network virtualisation
• Project management and consultancy
• VoIP/Cloud PBX/PBX telecoms
• Audio, visual and video conferencing solutions
• App development
• Data cabling design and installation
• Relocation and move management
• Training